Patsy's Pizzeria
Patsy's Pizzeria
in house Mozzarella
John Grimaldi
John Grimaldi

A Family Tradition

On November 1, 2001, we opened our third location in Ridgewood NJ

Brooklyn Pizza Edgewater is closing after 25 years.  Our last day will be November 26, 2022.

Our pizza is made the same way it was in the 1930s, with the freshest ingredients, and our house-made whole milk mozzarella. 

It’s my honor and privilege to share a bit of our family tradition with you.
We hope you enjoy it!


Joseph Grimaldi

In loving memory of my father Joseph, a talented musician who performed with the stars you see pictured in our stores.

Rose Grimaldi

In loving memory of my mother Rose, who helped our dream of starting in the restaurant business. She created many of the dishes on the menu. My mother was also a talented artist and some of her artwork is displayed in our restaurants.